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We offer

An appropriate functioning of computer equipment and operation system software
Protection against hacker attacks
Safety of information resources

Server system administration by Group FS company:

Save your time and money
Spare you the trouble of hiring a security administrator
Ensure high availability of your server

Hacking of a website may lead
to disastrous results:

Every company, using state-of-the-art IT solutions in its activities,
needs qualified specialists of this area

Huge financial losses resulting from the unreachable website

Loss of the reputation that has been developing for years because of the device

Loss of the current and potential clients resulting from clients’ private data being hacked

Low efficiency of the staff work because of the unreachable system

Ready-made solutions for your business security

and protection of your server
$500/ month
  • Installing and setting up an operating system (Debian, CentOS, FreeBSD)
  • Installing and setting up a database server (Mysql, Postgress, Oracle)
  • Installing and setting up load and caching balancers
  • Installing and setting up backup services
  • Resource performance optimization
  • Connecting the server to the network of filtering malicious traffic (DoS/DDoS-protection)
  • Connecting the resource to system of vulnerabilities scanning
  • Updating installed softwares
  • Administrating and monitoring of the server performance 24/7
  • Fixing outages and building a comprehensive protection system
  • Consulting on server performance
  • 99,9% guarantee of robustness against hackers attacks
of a secured server
$550/ month
  • Choosing an appropriate server and configuration depending on your project’s goals
  • Daily security audit and protection against DDoS attacks
  • Server administration and setting up all complementary services (databases, caching servers, SMTP, POP3, DNS and so on)
  • Load optimization
  • Setting up a fail-safe system
  • Consulting on how the server works and technical support 24/7
  • 99,9% guarantee of robustness against hackers attacks

Conditions of ordering a basic package of the secured server leasing

  • CPU: Intel iCore i7-4770 3.4Hz(Quad-Core)
  • RAM: 32Gb
  • HDD: 2x2000Gb Raid1
  • Network Bandwidth: 1 Gbit/s Included Traffic 30 Tb
  • Backup space: up to 99 Gb

Our achievements in figures

Over 10 years of experience
Over 30 protected organizations
Dozens eliminated attamps of hackers attacks
Our clients saved hundreds of thousands $

9 reasons to contact us

  • Team of professionals with over 10 years experience
  • Customized approach to each project
  • Technical support of projects, 24 hours a day
  • Modern Information Security technologies
  • Qualitative maintenance of both low and high load servers
  • International experience and partnership with large hosting
  • Beneficial conditions and comparable prices
  • Immediate response to all encountered problems
  • Guarantee of quality and protection against hacking

How we work


Customer fills in the form


Free basic analysis of the internet resource and determination of a optimal development path


Provision of a report on resource’s state and its current security


Fixing troubles and building a comprehensive protection system


Optimization of the resource’s work


Daily security audit and technical support